Does Electromagnetic Clutter Affect Psychic Reading Abilities?

Way back in the days before cell phones were invented–roughly the same time dinosaurs roamed the earth–there lived a fair woman named Lucy was capable of inducing mind numbing headaches in the subjects of her thought until they finally found a phone and called her.

Though skeptics would announce that the above phenomenon is not possible, even when presented with the anecdotal evidence that Lucy was a well known psychic reader in San Francisco at the time, a certain incident comes to mind in which a friend borrowed a scarf from her without asking and ended up with a migraine for two days.

Communications technology has advanced through recent years and Lucy picks up cells phone more often than not now. She claims that as a result, she is less able to use the communication technique of her former years, so much so that at times she doubts her former abilities ever existed. She states that it’s like flexing a muscle, use it or lose it, and the world is just too loud for someone to hear her tiny screams anyway–although those who had been on the receiving end of her “gift” would never call it tiny.

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Is the Modern World Affecting the Psychic Mind?

Most research on psychic abilities over the past 150 years has focused on whether psychic abilities exist, not how the world around them affects their abilities. But as modern communication explodes and we find that the ether is overwhelmed with cell phone towers and wifi signals, one has to wonder how this affects what was previously the quiet hum of nature and the human mind.

Electromagnetic Clutter and Brain Function

It has been proven that cell phone radiation affects brainwaves. In fact, the evidence provided by recent studies has been cited multiple times to reinforce prohibitions against cell phone use by drivers. Studies point to the fact that use of a cell changes the persons’ mental state by switching brainwaves shown on EEGs. Understanding that technology can have such a profound affect brain waves, it’s a little difficult to believe that a persons’ ability to perceive through their sixth sense would not be affected as well.

Tuning Into the Matrix

There is no doubt that the way humans think is evolving as our technology evolves. One only has to watch a multi-tasker at work to see this phenomenon. Which leaves the most important question being how does it change us? Does increased electromagnetic chatter and communication drown out the collective consciousness or does it bring it into a more cohesive focus? Ultimately, how will this change the nature of psychic readings and abilities? Will readers like Lucy become more focused on a global perspective than the quiet events of an individual’s life as we all become more closely connected? Or will phone psychic readings slowly fade away altogether as people become more dependent upon communication technology to connect with each other? Like Lucy says–use it or lose it. Only time will tell.

Online Psychics – Everything You Need To Know!

Psychic reading has been considered as one of the greatest abilities of human phenomena for as long as history has been recorded. Although there aren’t actual historical dates of exactly when psychic analysis readings started to become prevalent, there are certainly many connotations of its occurrences from a vast array of ancient religious and cultural scriptures. Many stories of prophets’ and spiritual leaders’ abilities have entailed their usage and effectiveness of psychic reading procedures.

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As the time of prophecies past, the practicing of psychic readings still existed. However, there have been newer methods of how the future is predicted. Despite their lack of stance as prophets, psychic readers are still blessed with a supernatural ability and skill of being able to decipher certain situations and people. There have been many instances of evidence that has supported the credibility of certain practices of psychic reading sessions. As a result of people relying on online psychic readings, they have been able to attain senses of satisfaction, peace, and tranquility in their lives.

Psychic readers have the unique ability of being able to decipher past events and incidents in order to translate depictions of accurate predictions for present and future occurrences. Also, psychic readers have a great ability of being able to read through people’s faces, emotions, and feelings, which assist them in accumulating knowledge and realizations of the situations at hand. Their attained experience has given them the ability to excel in the realm of psychic reading, which are skills that no ordinary person is able to touch or understand. Therefore, many people and cultures from all around the world truly appreciate and value the special abilities a psychic reader possesses.

The practices of psychic readings enables people to get in touch with the spiritual side of the world. Psychic readers are able to infer certain situations that may not be visible to regular people. Therefore, the regular and ordinary people are unaware of the activities that occur in the realm of psychics, as they haven’t been able to acquire the same mind or vision of the psychic reader. Every psychic reader has a special ability and talent. Meaning, not every psychic reader possesses the same type of supernatural ability or power as the next one. However, each psychic reader still possesses a special and unique ability, nonetheless.

With the developments and technological advancements in the world wide web and networking, psychic readers have been provided with a platform to reach the masses with their abilities. The online platform of psychic readings has been a tremendous opportunity for psychics to spread their abilities and messages to the believers.